Please donate and help support our pack !

While we do charge to be in the pack, that money does not go to Pack 241. That money goes to the Boy Scouts of America for running the entire program as a whole across the country, putting on events, paying for insurance for the kids, making sure there are leadership training programs, youth protection programs and a variety of other things.

In order to fund things like camp outs, sleepovers, field trips and special guests, we need to raise money. Pack 241 does this with donations and by selling Ornaments each year. Typically this involves two or three weekends : we get a booth at the Glastonbury Apple Festival, and either one or two weekends at Stop and Shop.

We schedule the kids so they do shifts, typically 90 minutes. They sign up for slots. The top three sellers can win prizes !

The money they raise dictates what we are able to cover for the year - meaning if we have a sleepover at the Aquarium, it would be subsidized as much as possible by the pack, with the goal being that it is free for the scouts (because they raised enough money).

Please visit the Ornaments page if you'd like to purchase one !

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