Events anyone can go to and check out the pack !!

We have crafted events that are specifically for anyone to come and check out, and we hope that people will join the pack as a result ! Please tell your friends, other parents, whoever and have them come on down and have fun with the scouts !! All kids K-5 are welcome !

This year : 

1.) First Pack Meeting

Come to Buttonball Lane School, 376 Buttonball Lane in Glastonbury

Thursday  10/19/2023  6:30-8 PM, Buttonball All Purpose Room

2.) Pack / Den Meeting

If you have a friend who heard you talking about how much fun you are having in Pack 241, and they want to come check it out, anyone is welcome to come to one pack or den meeting throughout the year, and join after that if they like it ! Feel free to invite your friend to come down and check us out !