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Solid Pewter Ornaments of Historic Glastonbury

Now Available 

Cub Scout Pack 241 is offering the 28th  series of commemorative ornaments featuring historic buildings, locations and events in Glastonbury.  The 2018 ornament celebrates The 325th Anniversary of Glastonbury !

2018 marks the 325th anniversary of the founding of Glastonbury in 1693. Glastonbury was originally named Glassenbury. Glastonbury is named after Glastonbury, Somerset, England. The town symbol is a sprig from a Glastonbury Thorn plant. Glastonbury is known for its agriculture, ship building and early industrial beginnings. There were 3 main shipyards that launched a total of 273 ships of record for use in the West Indies trade and coastal rivers of North America. Factories manufactured soap, leather, woolen goods among other goods during the industrial revolution. In approximately 1785 the town changed its name to Glastenbury. It would later change its name one final time to Glastonbury in 1870. Glastonbury has many notable residents including George Stocking, James B. Williams, the five Smith Sisters, and Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. There are only 2 towns named Glastonbury, Glastonbury England and Glastonbury USA. 

Each year Pack 241 designs a new pewter ornament featuring a different historic building, location or event. Hand cast by Woodbury Pewter, the ornaments are about 2 ¼ inches in diameter. 

You have several options to support Pack 241:

1) Emmy Lou's:  Located in the center of Glastonbury, Emmy Lou has a counter display with this year's ornament and stocks all prior years behind her counter

2) Katz Hardware:  Located on Main Street, there is a counter display on the main counter

3) Visit Us At The Following Locations: 

Glastonbury Apple Festival  Oct 14 &15

Stop & Shop (Oak Street) Nov 18 & 19

Stop & Shop (Glastonbury Blvd) Dec 2 & 3

4) Download and complete the order form and mail a check to: 

Cub Scout Pack 241
c/o Mike Daigle
71 Sherwood Drive
Glastonbury CT 06033 


All ornaments are $9 each. Send questions to: 



Current year as well as prior year ornaments are available for purchase. 


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